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Online Weight Loss Coach Australia with a Multidisciplinary Approach

A journey to health, energy, and wellness can bring excellent results and benefits if guided by an expert. Honeypot GP Medical Centre is motivated to be the expert to help you attain and maintain a certain weight safely in the comfort of your own home with our weight loss coach australia.

Honeypot GP Medical Centre has in-house specialised weight loss GPs, specialists in nutrition, and board-certified surgical veterans (bariatrician). As a reputed weight loss doctor online, we serve both surgical and non-surgical weight loss treatment plans in Australia for all age groups.

A wide assortment of methods for weight loss, from diet plans, Psychotherapy, Pharmacotherapy, and weight loss surgeries (bariatric surgery), are available. So we can help with lifestyle changes from exercise to eating habits and behavioural and nutritional overhaul.

Personalised Weight Loss Medical Support At Your Disposal

Tried and failed to lose weight? Or want to get rid of your food addiction?

No worries, Australian-trained weight loss coach-supervised medical weight loss plans and counselling can help.

Whether you want to maintain your weight/ BMI, lose weight for your health, or just for your appearance, our weight loss doctor crew is skilled in all.

Our long-lived run experience as a weight loss consultant acknowledges giving up on your favourite meal is hard to manage. However, our experienced weight loss fitness coach knows how to make it healthier for you and revive your health with a well-being diet.

Further, we don’t believe one weight loss treatment fits all patients. So we find ourselves committed to helping patients with tailored treatment plans and FDA-approved weight loss medications according to their bodies. Therefore, we offer the best weight loss programs to cut fat, increase metabolism, and improve your outlook.

So pick up your smartphone or easily accessible channel like a tablet or computer. And book an appointment for your virtual visit to your personal weight loss coach online in Australia.

Services Offered by Online Weight Loss Coach Australia


  1. Best weight loss program online
  2. General weight management
  3. Metabolic Weight Loss
  4. Risk-free time-bound weight loss
  5. Nutritional consultation & dietary
  6. Virtual workouts
  7. Safe and evidence-based weight loss medications
  8. Bariatric Surgery Program

How does weight loss coach Australia help you achieve your weight loss goals?


  1. General health & weight assessment (BMI)
  2. Diagnose the cause of your weight gain
  3. Consultation and thorough examination of health issues
  4. Mapping out the best lose weight treatment that suits you
  5. Draw a plan according to your individual needs
  6. Personalised virtual training
  7. Tracking progress

Want to Be the Best Version of You? – Healthy Weight Loss and Long-Term Success

We understand that being overweight and obese can harm overall health and makes patients vulnerable to other dangerous diseases like diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, and others. Moreover, random weight loss without professional consultation or extreme weight loss can endanger your health. Also, quick-fix gimmicks always result in weight regain.

Considering all facts, we are keen to design healthy weight loss treatment plans and diets our patients can live with for life.

Honeypot GP Medical Centre, your online weight loss coach, stays with you in every step of your weight loss journey. Not only that, we ensure your long-term success with a strategic and integrative approach to weight gain prevention.

So don’t wait to lose weight. Instead, go ahead and schedule an appointment with a weight loss doctor online.

Bariatric Surgery Treatment Plan

Workouts and Medication don’t work anymore?

You’re not alone! We are here to guide you and lead your way towards your ideal weight and health according to your medical and dietary history.

BMI of 35-40 and obesity-related comorbidities calls for surgical weight loss treatment. Our Bariatric Surgery Treatment Plan follows the course of pre-surgical consults, behavioural health, and psychological evaluations. Making an extra effort, we utilise advanced surgery techniques and tools, making them the least invasive and eliminating the side effects. Moreover, as the best weight loss coach in Australia, we are proactive in strictly adhering to hygiene, pre- & post-operative health support, and nutrition counselling.

Some Perspective Metabolic Medicament

Alongside changing the dietary and regular physical activities, weight loss medications are a part of the weight-control programs. So FDA has approved many medicines as safe to be used in weight loss treatments in pair with the energy-controlled diet and doctor-supervised physical activity.

We prescribe only approved medicines at Honeypot GP Medical Centre, a leading weight loss doctor in Australia. Integrative treatment plans by our GPs and weight loss specialists include safe and effective weight loss medication, calorie-controlled diet, exercise, and specialist behaviour intervention support following individual patient cases and weight loss goals.

Evidence-based weight loss medications in Australia in use these days are:


Saxenda (also called Liraglutide) is an injectable medicine (FDA-approved) for adults and children aged 12-17. Saxenda is commonly prescribed for weight-related problems and people having a BMI of 27 or above. It decreases the appetite and makes the person feel fuller. It is also approved as long terms medication for weight loss. Saxenda comes in 3ml (18 mg) dose form.

Common side effects count nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and low blood pressure. Other serious side effects include Tachycardia (raised heart rate), pancreatitis, gallbladder and kidney problems, and suicidal thoughts.


Duromine (also called Phentermine) is used (medically monitored) as an appetite suppressant. Alongside blocking hunger cravings, it regulates mood and energy levels. It is commonly prescribed for overweight patients struggling with weight loss and people with a BMI of 30 or more.

Duromine comes in 15, 30, and 40 mg doses. Weight loss of 3.6 kg has been observed in six months’ therapy, in contrast to placebo in Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) Analysis. Similarly, a recent study shows Duromine 15 mg brings on a weight loss of 4.5 kg in six months’ time compared to placebo.

However, Duromine falls under short-term medication. Also, the treatment using Duromine should be backed by a healthy diet and physical activity program.


Topiramate is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor medication used to treat epilepsy (seizures) and migraine prophylaxis. Studies reveal that Topiramate causes weight loss when used for seizure control and migraine prevention. It is suitable both individually and in conjunction with other medicines. So a weight loss specialist may prescribe it for patients with seizures/ migraine yet with weight loss management needs. It increases satiety, burns more calories, makes foods (taste) less appealing, and induces an estimated 3.4–5.0 kg weight loss.

Effectual dose ranges are between 25 and 100 mg. However, non-prescribed or dose-related side effects can be paraesthesia, dry mouth, altered taste sensation, insomnia, dizziness, and constipation. In addition, psychomotor slowing, language difficulties, decreased concentration, and memory impairment can also be side effects. Other serious side effects extend to angle-closure glaucoma and a rise in suicidal thoughts or ideations. So you should not use Topiramate during pregnancy or if you have a history of glaucoma or renal stones.


Contrave is the combination of two FDA-approved medicines, namely naltrexone (addiction-treatment) and bupropion (Antidepressant). So the Contrave containing 8mg naltrexone and 90mg bupropion helps decrease the appetite and control cravings. It is also a prescription-only medication and is commonly prescribed for people (over 18 years old) with a BMI of 30 or individuals with a BMI of 27 or more and weight-related health problems.

You can continue using it if you have lost 5% of your initial body weight at most after 16 weeks. Otherwise, your doctor may restrain you from taking it.


Orlistat (also called Xenical) is a prescription-only lipase inhibitor (FDA-approved) that inhibits fat-metabolizing enzymes. It helps lose weight and maintain weight loss while eating a reduced-calorie diet. It is generally prescribed to people with a BMI of 30 or overweight people with health-related complications like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or heart disease. Also, it is approved for long-term use.

Orlistat intake for one year shows an average weight loss of around 2.9–3.4%. Also, a low-fat diet is necessary when using Orlistat. 120 mg dose of Orlistat three times a day can cause 30% of oral fat intake excretion in the stool.

A XENDOS study (Xenical in the prevention of Diabetes in Obese Subjects) suggests a 37% reduction in the incidence of T2DM over the course of four years if added to obese patients’ lifestyle therapy. Further, Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients show improvements of 0.4% in glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) compared to controls.

Potential side effects include steatorrhoea, oily spotting, watery flatulence, bowel incontinence, calcium oxalate kidney stones, and fat-soluble vitamin deficiency.

Consult a weight loss doctor before using any weight loss medication, and make sure to use calorie-reduced dietary and physical activity. Your weight loss fitness coach will review your treatment and change the medicine if it does not induce weight loss in a specific time frame (say 16 weeks). Further, read the label and follow the directions for use or as prescribed by your weight loss coach.

The listed medications are just for informational purposes, neither for medical advice nor for direct or indirect promotion. In addition, Honeypot GP Medical Centre does not guarantee the use/ supply of the mentioned medications in the treatment.




Not sure if you need help from a weight loss fitness coach?

Calculate your body mass index (BMI) by inserting your weight and height with a BMI calculator. OR simply, our weight loss GP at Honeypot GP Medical Centre can help assess your BMI and recommend the best weight loss program.

Non-surgical weight loss treatment plan or bariatric surgery – What should I go for?

Your weight loss consultant will assess your health and BMI and suggest what is best for you. For the most part, if you have a BMI of 35-40, you can be a potential candidate for weight loss surgery. However, if your BMI is 27 or struggling to lose weight with cumbersome workouts, or you have a chronic disease, you can be a potential candidate for non-surgical weight loss treatment.

How much does a weight loss coach Australia cost?

The cost typically depends on how frequently you have sessions with your coach and how long each session runs. In addition, the coach’s experience level can also be a factor. However, at Honeypot GP Medical Centre, the affordable prices help you achieve your desired weight goals.

How can I join the best weight loss program online?

All you need is an easily accessible device like a smartphone, tablet, computer, and Internet access. Now schedule a phone call or face-to-face appointment with your weight loss doctor online and discuss your weight loss goals.