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“The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil

It is not until you experience ill health that you begin to understand the layers of this quote. As an integrated holistic general practitioner clinic, Honeypot GP Medical Centre offers a new paradigm of healthcare, taking into consideration the different layers of health.

This new model of healthcare support has been possible with the help of our partners. Please see our price list to see where rebates may apply.

Our team-based approach and collective meetings educate all practitioners about health and illness beyond their specific scope of practice.

This means that when you visit any practitioner at Honeypot GP Medical Centre, you’ll benefit from our team’s accumulated knowledge. Working together in one location allows us to take collaborative healthcare to the next level, with real-time communication and integration of the healing effects of multiple modalities.

Whether you seek support to maintain your wellness or need healthcare to address chronic illness, at Honeypot GP Medical Centre, you are supporting the future of medicine. Your participation in this model creates opportunities for wellness and health for many generations to come.

Our Mission Statement

Honeypot GP Medical Centre is on a mission to ensuring you are on top of your medical and healthcare needs. By offering hands-on and holistic interventions first, we want to be your top-of-the-list choice when considering your options for an integrated holistic general practitioner clinic.

Our Vision Statement

We envision Honeypot GP Medical Centre to be a pioneer of a new healthcare approach that is as collaborative as it is effective. By taking a holistic and multidisciplinary approach in our healthcare and medical services, we want to have a significant part in ensuring the health of the community.

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Service Areas

Our general practice medical services serve all over Australia and Great Britain (UK).

dr. a. adem

Integrative GP and Functional Medicine Doctor

Dr. A. Adem, MD, AMC (Australia), PLAB (UK), M.A5M, M.ACSC

Qualifications, memberships, and experience
Dr. Adem is an Integrative GP and Functional Medicine Doctor who has a keen interest in holistic medicine, including anti-aging and longevity medicine, nutrition medicine which has been cultivated over his 25 years post-graduate in medical practice.

Dr. Adem graduated in Medicine from the University of Bologna in Italy with first degree and distinction Cum laude. He worked in hospitals in Italy and the UK in a range of medical roles before immigrating to Australia in 2005. He worked in several hospitals across different states in Australia before undertaking a post-graduate medical training program in rural medicine to become a GP. In his many years in GP practice in rural, urban, and remote areas in Australia, Dr. Adem has become highly experienced in Chronic diseases management, Nutritional Medicine, Emergency medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, Thyroid diseases, Men’s Health, Occupational Medicine, Dermatology, Nephrology, Chest medicine, Oncology, Biochemistry endocrine imbalances, Geriatric Medicine, Women’s health, Children’s health, gastroenterology, urology, musculoskeletal medicine, psychiatry and Skin Cancer specialty. This experience has given him exceptional diagnostic and treatment skills in all areas of medicine.

He is currently a member of the Australian College of Skin Cancer and a member of the Australian College of Anti-aging. For the foreseeable future, Dr. Adem will be undertaking the fellowship training program with the American College of Anti-aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine and the Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), in addition to Bio Balance training and a Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine as well as to complete the A5M.

Dr. Adem is a registered medical practitioner with general registration, and he bills privately.

Areas of specialty and approach to treatment
Dr. Adem is passionate about preventative medicine, health promotion, and a wellness-orientated approach to patient care. He strongly believes in optimizing one’s health and focuses on helping his patients to truly feel better, function better, age well, and experience optimal vitality so they can achieve their goals.

In his years working in medical practice, Dr. Adem appreciates that conventional medicine manages acute conditions and symptomatic treatment very well, but it lacks in the areas of chronic disease management and prevention, which is why he prefers a holistic approach to patient care to uncover what the underlying cause/s are of a patient’s often complex health concerns. He strongly believes in the bio-psycho-social approach to medicine, which means that he considers a patient’s genetic/epigenetic factors, as well as environmental, lifestyle, nutritional and psychological factors, which may all be contributing to the root cause of a patient’s disease or sub-optimal health.

Dr. Adem is not only interested in treating a patient’s disease, but he is also focused on addressing the root cause/s to create meaningful change for his patients.

Dr. Adem is experienced in treating a wide range of health concerns in men, women, and children, including fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, hormonal issues, weight problems, thyroid issues, insomnia, cardiovascular issues, metabolic diseases, diabetes, obesity, respiratory problems, immune problems, aging concerns, digestive issues, complex and chronic health concerns and much more.

Dr. Adem has a special interest in metabolic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes which can lead to preventable chronic diseases such as ischaemic heart disease, stroke, heart attack, and dementia. Dr. Adem knows that by diagnosing metabolic disease in the early stages, he can help to prevent, slow down or even revert metabolic disease by optimizing energy-intake imbalances, reducing insulin resistance, reducing inflammation, and addressing oxidative stress. This approach involves providing patient-specific education, negotiating lifestyle changes, plus prescribing specific medicines and natural and synthetic supplements, which are highly effective.

Dr. Adem also has a special interest in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, post-natal issues, hormonal mood disorders, and substance abuse. He sees many patients with mental health issues dramatically improve with testing for which neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) are imbalanced and if there are any underlying methylation issues or pyrrole disorders, before correcting these imbalances with specific supplements and natural medicines, as well as patient-specific lifestyle modifications as required. Dr. Adem is certified by the Fit genes Integrated medicine medical model which emphasis human genome mapping to identify down-regulated genes which are mainly responsible for diseased cells and organs. Dr. Adem is interested to identify the root causes of epigenetics affecting down-regulated genes and treating with simple basics nutrigenomic functional medicine advice. Thereby, Dr. Adem is happy to offer those patients interested in genetic profile mapping a unique opportunity through the fit genes medical model for diagnosing down-regulated genes with the view of up-regulating those faulty genes by offering unique healthy organic nutrition and lifestyle advice and monitoring follow-ups on a one-to-one individualized level.

Dr. Adem offers advice for mind-body interventions such as psycho-social counseling Therapy, Reduction of drug & alcohol harmful effects to the body including referrals for detoxification of addicted illicit drugs and prescribed medications. Dr. Adem offers properly timed follow-ups with patients with a history of substance abuse, and he can link those patients with the hospital addiction medicine specialist or Private Centres equipped in an addiction medicine detoxification rehabilitation program by which Dr. Adem works collaboratively those specialist services and centers.

Dr. Adem is a certified medical practitioner who can prescribe Methadone and Buprenorphine to assist patients with opioid addiction. He also offers advice for most evidence-based Meditation techniques body healing advice patient support groups, etc.

Dr. Adem offers some advice on the natural technique ways for Vasovagal or Parasympathetic nervous system stimulations to teach the mind to heal the body or teach the mind to release the stored lingering emotional traumas. The Vasovagal stimulation technique is particularly an adjunct therapy with good results for chronic Psychiatry conditions such as Chronic Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Insomnia, Generalized Anxiety, Post-traumatic Stress disorder, etc.

Dr. Adem believes that energy or bio-energy therapy such as Infrared therapy and Heat Therapies and sterile acupuncture and capping deep tissue massage techniques can benefit the process of healing damaged tissues or stress-related body aches.

His other area of interest is Skin Cancer Dermatology diagnoses and both Medical-Surgical interventions of all sorts of Skin Diseases & disorders. He is interested in doing comprehensive hormone testing (salivary hormone testing & urine hormone testing – DUTCH testing), and he is keen to offer some advice for the benefit of bio-identical hormones for patients looking for a more holistic and individualized approach to treating menopause and female hormonal issues, as well as men’s hormonal imbalances.

Dr. Adem’s consultations are much longer than standard GP consultations, allowing him to take the time to be thorough and truly patient-focused. He starts with a thorough history and then may do physical examinations and/or arrange comprehensive testing which may include general pathology testing as well as functional medicine testing if required. Once the underlying cause/s of a patient’s health problem/s have been identified, Dr. Adem then uses dietary and lifestyle therapy, as well as nutritional and natural medicines if indicated, to help his patients restore optimal wellness. As a medical doctor, he may prescribe pharmaceutical medications if requested and can also refer to other health practitioners, including medical specialists, depending on a patient’s individual needs.

Dr. Adem’s considerable medical experience, combined with his holistic and patient-centered which makes him a highly regarded medical practitioner.

You Deserve an Individualized Approach to Care

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for holistic health and well being. You need to make sure you address every layer. That’s what we at Honeypot GP Medical Centre are here for.

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